CANSO World ATM Congress 2018

World ATM Congress 2018
06 – 08 March 2018

This year, Avitech is implementing/finalising important projects like Turkey AMHS, Macau AIM, and with new customers like CAAT Thailand AIS to AIM, Panama AMHS, ASECNA AMHS, etc. while providing support to our long term customers like NavCanada, Bahrain BCAA, Microtel-DCA Malaysia, Dubai DANS…

We are a big player in AMHS with ongoing projects in Turkey, Panama and ASECNA, support for Dubai, Canada, Cambodia, Jordan, Hungary, Poland as long term customers and new ongoing projects which will ensure state of the art SW with new Message Control Position (now called MCU), new look and feel and unified AFTN-AMHS User Agents.

Avitech has Full AIS to AIM Portfolio (Solutions and Services as AIXM 5.1 Data Migration and consultancy for guidance through ICAO Roadmap). A new brochure has been produced for offering AIM Training Services to also not current customers. Brochure is now generalized to be reused for next years to come.

Compliance with latest ICAO SARPs and ASBU Blocks with SW Releases aligned with current and future requirements from ICAO GANP and CANSO Vision 2020. New brochure for ASBU coverage has been produced, since dates for Blocks 0 and 1 have been extended 1 and 2 years respectively.

ADQ-IR compliance implemented for AURORA project, which is in final stage for NATS (SAT, User Acceptance Tests, Training and parallel operations will come next).

We provide an OPMET solution with Avitech SWIM which is compliant to ICAO WXXM (IWXXM 2.0). Avitech has one of the three worldwide first OGC compliant WFS-T v2.0 implementations, which is compliant for all conformance classes (simple, basic, transactional and locking). We are also one of three reference implementations.

We are one of the few companies or even the only one that has implemented a bridge/gateway between AFTN/SWIM and AMHS/SWIM. Avitech has SWIM in Malaysia (recently tested for DCA transfer of AIS and AIM data) and now also a test system offered for Macau AACM/ICAO project. Tests have been successfully performed with Malaysia DCA to exchange AIS-AIM data.

AMHS Connector is a seamless (XML interface based) application to provide AMHS capacity easily to civil and military legacy systems is in operations in NATS UK, ROMATSA (Indra FDP) as well as Eldorado-Natal (Navia Twr).

Our Web AIS (aka AviWeb/AviMobile) used in WBPBS Saudi project) is now ready for operations and bringing great benefits for seamless, flexible and efficient web remote (Internet browsers and tablet/phone apps) use of Integrated Briefing, Flight Plan Creation, etc. A new brochure is now produced for this product and updated to include web NOTAM functions to be soon implemented.

06 – 08 March 2018

World ATM Congress 2018

Madrid / Spain
Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I