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Handing you the key to your finest OPMET solution!

Avitech provides you with full SWIM and AMHS compliant OPMET solutions to transfer your meteorological message exchange and distribution to the latest WMO and ICAO principles by using WMO TT-AvXML / IWXXM.

The common goal of the aviation industry is to use XML schemas for weather message formatting by gradual migration according to ICAO GANP and ASBUs planning. Avitech ensures a safe and smooth transition to the new required WMO Aviation Task Team OPMET schemas (TT-AvXML), also known as ICAO Weather Exchange Model (IWXXM). We supply you with the best performing systems by using either or both SWIM and AMHS as a messaging backbone.

The ICAO Meteorological Divisional Meeting (MET/14) conjointly with the WMO 15th Session of the Commission of Aeronautical Meteorology have agreed to use TT-AvXML / IWXXM worldwide until 2018. Bilateral usage is already possible between states that are able to do so, according to ICAO Annex 3 Amendment 76 from November 2014. Amendment 77 (2016) and Amendment 78 (2018) will implement the worldwide provisions.

Avitech OPMET Profile

  • Involved in development and testing of WMO TT-AvXML 1.0
  • Available in Civil and Military Environment including two way data exchange 
  • WMO TT-AvXML 1.0 / IWXXM available
  • XML Database for big, fast data storage and search 

Avitech OPMET Technology

Since 2011, when the 1st Meeting of the WMO Commission for the Basic Systems Task Team on Aviation XML (TT-AvXML) took place, Avitech has been gradually involved in the development and testing of TT-AvXML / IWXXM. It can be used stand alone or included in the Avitech SWIM Solution (MET Services). Transportation over AMHS is also possible.

The current message repertoire covers the full OPMET set of messages – which are METAR, SPECI, short/long TAF, and SIGMET encoded in XML/GML schema. It conforms to the ICAO Manual on Digital Exchange of Aeronautical Meteorological Information (Doc 10003-AN/503). We also focus on the research and development of XML/ GML encoded OPMET messages and other aviation meteorological products to support MET exchange between civil and military meteorological organizations.

Unlike the traditional forms of ICAO Annex 3/ WMO No. 49 products, IWXXM is not intended for direct use by pilots. Application software will be used for visualization.

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