Friedrichshafen – steeped in aviation tradition

The headquarters of Avitech GmbH are located in Friedrichshafen, Germany, a town that has a particularly rich tradition in the area of aviation. It was here that modern aviation saw one of its founding moments of glory when the first airship, built according to the plans of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, took to the skies in the year 1900. A further famous son of the town is Claude Dornier, another aviation pioneer, whose technical prowess became famous around the world. The Dornier Werke, named after their founder, were later integrated into the European aviation company EADS.

The main Avitech activities out of Friedrichshafen are international sales, offer management, marketing, project management and human resources for all Avitech locations. The core areas of competence located in Friedrichshafen include engineering and product development for Aeronautical Information Systems, Flight Planning Systems and Message Handling Systems.

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